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Since the release of Wild West to Agile I have done a variety of Podcasts and Webinars. I’ve grown to really enjoy the interview style Podcast in contrast to speaking to an audience. Each Podcaster has a different slant which keeps excitement and interest. Below I’ve identified a selection that I hope you find useful and enjoyable.

What an enjoyable time with the Pitchmaster himself, Danny Fontaine. Danny’s guests are usually from the marketing, advertising, behavioral science space, so his questions were different, and challenging. Danny’s Podcast was titled, “Jim Highsmith, Co-creator of the Agile Manifesto, Storyteller, Adventurer.”

A more “agile” interview was with Brian Milner of Mountain Goat Software, Mike Cohn’s company. Mike and I have been friends since the early agile days. The Podcast was titled, The Birth of Agile: How 17 Adventurous Techies Changed the World.

I’ve started using the label Agile-Adaptive Leadership. Listen as Pete Behrens, who himself know a lot about leadership journeys, and I discuss why I’ve gravitated to the term and what it means.