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About Jim

Jim Highsmith retired as Executive Consultant at ThoughtWorks, Inc. in 2021. Prior to Thoughtworks, he was Director of Cutter Consortium’s Agile Project Management practice. He has nearly 60 years’ experience as an IT manager, product manager, project manager, consultant, software developer, and storyteller. Jim has been a leader in the agile software development community for the past three decades.

Jim is the author of EDGE: Value-driven digital transformation, Addison-Wesley 2020; Adaptive Leadership: Accelerating Enterprise Agility (2014), Agile Project Management: Creating Innovative Products (2009), Adaptive Software Development: A Collaborative Approach to Managing Complex Systems (2000) and winner of the prestigious Jolt Award, and Agile Software Development Ecosystems, (2002). Jim is the recipient of the 2005 international Stevens Award for outstanding contributions to systems development.

Jim is a coauthor of the Agile Manifesto, a founding member of The Agile Alliance, coauthor of the Declaration of Interdependence for project leaders, and co-founder and first president of the Agile Leadership Network. Jim consulted with Information Technology organizations and software companies worldwide.