How Agile Do You Need to Be?


In The Upside of Turbulence Donald Sull makes an insightful statement, “companies do not pass through life cycles, opportunities do.” Turbulence causes opportunities and companies learn to take advantage of them, or they wither. Managing this flow of opportunities, which are increasingly disruptive, requires organizations to think seriously about their agility; as Sull defines it […]

“And” Leadership

What is an agile leader or manager? There are countless answers to this question revolving around the characteristics or behaviors of agile leaders—for example, collaborative, light touch, servant, and failure tolerant. One of the traits I think is very important is that of “And” rather than “Or” leadership. The most pressing issues to face leaders […]

Cutter Summit Conference, Boston

(Oct25-27). “Agile Leadership: What it Takes.” “Technical Debt Assessment: The Science of Software Development Governance,” (with Israel Gat).