The Ultimate Sand Castle

This past weekend (Nov.12-13) there was a professional sand castle sculpting event on Siesta Key, FL. Incredible!

    Adaptive Leadership Video

    A YouTube video of my Adaptive Leadership talk in London.

      Velocity is Killing Agility!

      As I talk with companies around the world it’s clear that a significant number of them are still mired in the productivity, efficiency, and optimization mud. It’s easy to spot them because they are often maniacal about measuring velocity—team velocity, velocity across teams, rolling up velocity to an organizational level or even velocity per developer […]

        Adaptive Leadership Webinar

        October, 20th “Stop Doing Agile and Start Being Agile,” Part of the ThoughtWorks Webinar series on Continuous Delivery.

          Putting Lipstick on a Bulldog

          When outcomes are uncertain, answers hard to devise, That’s the time to form a team, tap dreams, and improvise.… Putting lipstick on a bulldog won’t transform enough, Makeup can’t hide everything; change takes deeper stuff. (e-volve!: Succeeding in the Digital Culture of Tomorrow, Rosabeth Moss Kanter 2001). In, e-volve!, Kanter sends two clear messages: there […]