The Death of Average


Those of us in the technology business often look at the convergence of new technologies—cloud, big data, mobile, and social media—as the primary drivers of change within the business world. But there are other monumental forces at work altering the landscape—social, economic, and demographic—as retail guru Doug Stephens points out in his excellent recent book, […]

    Why Even Good Managers Cause Projects to Fail


    In December 1999 I published my first “agile” book, Adaptive Software Development (wow, nearly 15 years ago now). Recently, Dorset House Publishing and Addison-Wesley brought out an electronic edition of this book. To promote this edition we selected a chapter that can be read in full–for free. This chapter, Why Even Good Managers Cause Projects to […]

      The Four Dimensions of Adaptability

      Panther Chameleon

      I was reminded recently that people think of adaptability in too few dimensions. To me adaptability and agility are synonyms characterized by “the ability to both create and respond to change.” I might extend this definition to include both anticipated and unanticipated changes. If we know something is going to change—product prices for example—then we […]

        Once Upon a Time before Agile


        Once upon a time, before “agile”, the IT world teemed with scary monsters—huge methodologies in multiple 3-ring binders, processes stacked upon processes and excruciatingly detailed documents ad infinitum. This was the 1980’s when proponents of methodologies such as Information Engineering spent 18-24 months in strategic IT planning before any projects were started! Another 18-24 months […]

          Writing to Learn


          “Writing is a form of thinking, whatever the subject,” says William Zinsser in his book, Writing to Learn. Agile methods are driven by feedback and learning practices and so it’s important to understand how learning to write well is critical to learning well. The entire results of software projects are writings. Whether the output is […]