Workshop on Technical Debt

Second Workshop on Managing Technical Debt, May 23, 2011, Waikiki, Hawaii

    Agile Brazil 2011

    Keynote address at Agile Brazil 2011, June 27th week, in Fortaleza, Brazil.

      Technical Debt Panel

      “What technical debt really means to your business,” (ThoughtWorks & CAST), Thursday, February 17 6:00-8:00 pm PT. The Palace Hotel San Francisco. Delivering quality software quickly is a strategic function of your IT organization. Whether the end-users are internal or external clients, your applications enable the business to run smoothly and maintain a competitive edge. […]

        Adaptive Leadership Presentation

        Jan 12, Wednesday, Adaptive Leadership Presentation, Austin, TX.

          Agile Management Course

          “Agile Management Mastery” course (with Pat Reed). October 8,9-15-16, University of California Berkeley Extension, San Francisco.