Adaptive Leadership Presentation

Jan 12, Wednesday, Adaptive Leadership Presentation, Austin, TX.

    Agile Management Course

    “Agile Management Mastery” course (with Pat Reed). October 8,9-15-16, University of California Berkeley Extension, San Francisco.

      Agile Australia 2010 Conference

      Melbourne (Sept. 14-15). “Accelerating Agility for Executives and Managers.” “Beyond Scope, Schedule, and Cost: Optimizing Value.” InfoQ Summary

        Agile Conference 2010, Orlando

        (August 9-13). “Beyond Scope, Schedule, and Cost: Optimizing Value,” (with Pat Reed). “What do Agile Executives and Managers Do?”

          Cutter Summit Conference, Boston

          (Oct25-27). “Agile Leadership: What it Takes.” “Technical Debt Assessment: The Science of Software Development Governance,” (with Israel Gat).