The Four Dimensions of Adaptability

I was reminded recently that people think of adaptability in too few dimensions. To me adaptability and agility are synonyms characterized by “the ability to both create and respond to change.” I might extend this definition to include both anticipated and unanticipated changes. If we know something is going to change—product prices for example—then we […]

    Features or Quality? Selling Software Excellence to Business Partners

    Features or Quality? It’s always been difficult getting business partners (from executives to product owners) interested in quality—be that code quality, design quality, automated testing, or technical debt. Software technical excellence numbers (ah, if we just had good numbers) don’t mean much to business partners. Recently I’ve been adding to the Agile Triangle (Value, Quality, […]

      Velocity is Killing Agility!

      As I talk with companies around the world it’s clear that a significant number of them are still mired in the productivity, efficiency, and optimization mud. It’s easy to spot them because they are often maniacal about measuring velocity—team velocity, velocity across teams, rolling up velocity to an organizational level or even velocity per developer […]

        Technical Debt Presentation Write Up

        A very nice write up on my presentation on “The Financial Implications of Technical Debt” in San Francisco last week.

          Agility & Managing Quality

          The more I visit companies and see mangled agile implementations, the more I’m convinced that quality, or lack thereof, remains the central issue to effective agility. Organizations begin agile implementations with higher quality as the goal, but then too frequently don’t carry through with the discipline to achieve the goals they have established. There are […]