“The Easier It Is To Quantify, the Less It’s Worth”

This quote from Seth Godin (Linchpin, 2010), sparked my thinking about metrics and outcomes. It parallels what I’ve quipped in presentations, “I’d rather have a fuzzy measure of something important than a precise measure of something unimportant.” In Measuring and Managing Performance in Organizations (1996) Rob Austin discusses the difference between desired outcomes and performance […]

    Iterative Delivery, Waterfall Governance

    As agile methods become widespread in organizations, the debate over serial, waterfall life cycles versus iterative life cycles is moving from an engineering-level to an executive-level discussion. In terms of project governance, executives are interested in two things—investment and risk. They have to answer two basic questions: What is the projected value or return on […]

      Beyond Scope, Schedule, and Cost: The Agile Triangle

      I mentioned the Agile Triangle in a prior post on technical debt, but it requires more than a passing mention. Many agile teams are faced with the paradox of being asked by management or customers to be “adaptive, flexible, or agile,” while at the same time being asked to “conform to plan,” where the “plan” […]