Embracing Paradox


“All of us like to think that human affairs are essentially rational. … The wealth of experience that fails to support this notion never seems to faze us. … That human affairs usually work not rationally but paradoxically.” “… because of the sense of omnipotence that plagues American management, the belief that no event or […]

    What is Agility?


    There is no Agility for Dummies. Agility isn’t a silver bullet. You don’t achieve it in five easy steps. So what is it? For myself, I’ve characterized agility in two statements: Agility is the ability to both create and respond to change in order to profit in a turbulent business environment. Agility is the ability […]

      Balancing Adaptability and Predictability

      One of the most vexing issues for executives and managers is balancing the need for both predictability and adaptability in software delivery. While this might seem like an either/or issue, the solutions are really both/and ones. In presentations I often ask the question, “How many of you have been on Agile teams and were asked […]

        Embracing Change

        To a manager’s question, “How much will project Zebra cost?” The comment, “I don’t know,” is usually an unacceptable (but often the best) response. A more specific answer such as, “Well, somewhere between $2 and $6 million dollars would be rejected in many, if not most, organizations. The project manager who says, “Project Zebra will […]

          Clarity over Certantity

          In the last 6 months I’ve heard several senior-level executives talk about the need for clarity over certainty. Clarity sounds simple, but it’s not. We embrace agility because it helps us adapt to the turbulence — business, economic, and technological – that creates opportunity and peril. Most of the time significant changes create mounds of […]