An Interview with Ken Schwaber (circa 2001)

At the Agile 2011 conference 15 of the 17 Agile Manifesto authors got together, once at the Park Bench panel in front of 1,000 + attendees, and again at a private gathering. It was great to look back on what had transpired in the last 10 years. One thing that occurred to me about how […]

    Reflections on Agile 2011

    For me, the first 2 days of Agile 2011 were a whirlwind. On Monday I co-chaired a milestone event—the Agile Executive Forum—in which 60 senior executives demonstrated that agility isn’t confined to delivery teams. From the opening keynote about innovation, agility, and social business networks to a discussion of a multi-year 400 person firmware project […]

      Leadership and Decision Making

      A good leader has to be a visionary, a teacher, a motivator, a facilitator, and other things, but she must also be a decision maker. The same is true of lead engineers for technical issues. So the question becomes, at what point does a leader’s decision making damage self-organization? First, when the team loses respect […]

        Interesting Links (July 19, 2011)

        A bevy of interesting posts in the last couple of weeks. Sam Newman from ThoughtWorks, a short video on Continuous Delivery. Jed Singer of the Dachis Group on Google+ and the Enterprise. Jeff Kiker, The Lean EDGE blog, on the “myth that lean will not work here.” Art Petty, Management Excellence blog, “Dispatches from Mayo […]

          Shortening the Tail

          In Agile Project Management, I wrote a short section on a performance metric called “shortening the tail.” I liked using the metric, tail length, because it is easy to calculate and tells a lot about an organization’s Agile implementation. It’s not a vanity metric, like the number of developers who have attended a refactoring seminar, […]