Characteristics of an Adapting Mindset

“A traditional manager focuses on following the plan with minimal changes, whereas an agile leader focuses on adapting successfully to inevitable changes,” (Highsmith J. , Agile Project Management, 2009). Change is inevitable, what we can manage is how we respond to change. In an environment of volatility, ambiguity, and uncertainty, how can leaders expect to […]

    The Art of Work

    “I think art is the ability to change people with your work, to see things as they are and then create stories, images, and interactions that change the marketplace.” [Seth Godin, Linchpin: Are You Indispensable] “In a world enriched by abundance but disrupted by the automation and outsourcing of white-collar work, everyone, regardless of profession, […]

      The Fear of Choice

      Agile, flexible, adaptive and dynamic are all words we use to encourage people and organizations to be more responsive to the turbulence in our business and economic environment. We then deride those who we view as resistant to change. But maybe what holds us back is as much “fear of choice” as it is “fear […]

        Adaptive Leadership Resources

        There is a wealth of good source material for agile software development, less but still quite a bit of material on agile project management, and a growing number of general management books that can contribute better understanding to agile principles. However, in general, the material on adaptive/agile/lean leadership is more limited. This blog is an […]

          Clarity over Certantity

          In the last 6 months I’ve heard several senior-level executives talk about the need for clarity over certainty. Clarity sounds simple, but it’s not. We embrace agility because it helps us adapt to the turbulence — business, economic, and technological – that creates opportunity and peril. Most of the time significant changes create mounds of […]