Reducing Cycle Time

An increasing number of organizations are moving towards radical reductions in cycle time as they move towards rapid business responsiveness and Continuous Delivery. (I’m trying to reduce my personal cycle time, but that’s another issue.) One mantra that seems to help teams and organizations in this quest is, “If it’s hard to do, do it […]

    Build Less, Start Sooner

    Jeff Patton recently reminded me of two simple strategies for software development that I’ve talked about from time to time—Build Less Software and Start Sooner. I thought I’d follow up on Jeff’s blog and revisit these simple, but powerful strategies. First, managers and executives complain a lot about not delivering software (or any other product […]

      Do Less

      Many managers use the mantra, “Do more with less.” At the Agile 2010 conference, Pat Reed from the GAP, who co-presented with me, shortened this mantra to “Do Less.” The theme of our presentation was Value Optimization, determining the highest valued chunks of functionality to implement next—whether those chunks were projects in a portfolio or […]