Balancing Adaptability and Predictability

One of the most vexing issues for executives and managers is balancing the need for both predictability and adaptability in software delivery. While this might seem like an either/or issue, the solutions are really both/and ones. In presentations I often ask the question, “How many of you have been on Agile teams and were asked […]

    The Ambidextrous Organization

    The Agile community has struggled to find a model for transforming large organizations to an Agile approach to software delivery and face a more daunting struggle in striving towards enterprise agility. Should we strive to convert everyone in a large organization to Agile? If not, what parts should be converted and which left to their […]

      Adaptable Management Videos

      Here are three very interesting video segments done by James Franklin, a Dell VP, and Gary Hamel, visiting professor at the London business school and co-founder of management innovation eXchange. How can IT organizations adapt? How will social media change organizations? What are the biggest challenges for organizations today? These 5-minute each videos provide a […]

        Characteristics of an Adapting Mindset

        “A traditional manager focuses on following the plan with minimal changes, whereas an agile leader focuses on adapting successfully to inevitable changes,” (Highsmith J. , Agile Project Management, 2009). Change is inevitable, what we can manage is how we respond to change. In an environment of volatility, ambiguity, and uncertainty, how can leaders expect to […]

          The Emotions of Change

          The agile movement has encouraged people to change—from changing technical aspects of programming, to changing social interactions via increased collaboration, to changing management styles to adaptive and facilitative rather than command and control. Sometimes in thinking about organizational change we forget that it is ultimately a “people” change and that organizational change is the accumulation […]