Reducing Cycle Time

An increasing number of organizations are moving towards radical reductions in cycle time as they move towards rapid business responsiveness and Continuous Delivery. (I’m trying to reduce my personal cycle time, but that’s another issue.) One mantra that seems to help teams and organizations in this quest is, “If it’s hard to do, do it […]

    Oscillation versus Iteration

    Short iterations can cause Agile teams to lose focus and begin oscillating rather than iterating. This can happen from several perspectives—business, technical, user—and it’s something that Agile teams need to be aware of and guard against. When customers change their minds on an user interface issue over and over again—oscillation may be the issue. When […]

      Putting Lipstick on a Bulldog

      When outcomes are uncertain, answers hard to devise, That’s the time to form a team, tap dreams, and improvise.… Putting lipstick on a bulldog won’t transform enough, Makeup can’t hide everything; change takes deeper stuff. (e-volve!: Succeeding in the Digital Culture of Tomorrow, Rosabeth Moss Kanter 2001). In, e-volve!, Kanter sends two clear messages: there […]

        Adaptive Leadership–Continuous Change

        All of us fall into clichéd phrases about the constancy and pervasiveness of change—yet our conceptual framework and management practices still view change as an exception. Most of our concepts, practices, and tools are geared to environments in which equilibrium is the normal condition and changes are the exception. Extreme, high-speed, high-change environments are just […]

          Don’t Plan, Speculate

          One thing people are learning is that you can’t plan uncertainty away. Plans are good for things we know, or things that we may have some control over. However uncertainty—and its close cousin’s ambiguity and velocity—defy planning. When I originally introduced my Adaptive Life Cycle in Adaptive Software Development, the three high-level phases were Speculate, […]