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  • ⚡️The One-Minute Methodology

    ❓Does your management insist on mission impossible delivery schedules? Want to develop software really fast? How about one minute? This methodology incorporates such exciting concepts as total data independence (the output has nothing to do with the input); the notion that management is not interested in information, only in being happy; and a one-minute life… Read More »⚡️The One-Minute Methodology

  • Technical Debt is Rust you can’t see

    Southwest Airlines’ recent holiday fiasco shed light into a dark corner of Information Technology. Consider the analogy of a car whose owner only added gas—no maintenance. After a time rust would appear and spread, tires would go slick, engine oil would become sludge, the air conditioning would stop working, and the pattern would intensify and… Read More »Technical Debt is Rust you can’t see

  • Agile on the Precipice

    After 20+ years of growing influence, Agile appears to be standing on the precipice of irrelevance.   In this time, Agile has spread wider than we Manifesto authors dreamed, but failed to spread as deeply as needed. Agile has lived up to Jerry Weinberg’s Law of Strawberry Jam, “As long as it has lumps, you… Read More »Agile on the Precipice