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Interesting Links (July 19, 2011)

A bevy of interesting posts in the last couple of weeks. Sam Newman from ThoughtWorks, a short video on Continuous Delivery. Jed Singer of the Dachis Group on Google+ and the Enterprise. Jeff Kiker, The Lean EDGE blog, on the “myth that lean will not work here.” Art Petty, Management Excellence blog, “Dispatches from Mayo […]

Shortening the Tail

In Agile Project Management, I wrote a short section on a performance metric called “shortening the tail.” I liked using the metric, tail length, because it is easy to calculate and tells a lot about an organization’s Agile implementation. It’s not a vanity metric, like the number of developers who have attended a refactoring seminar, […]

Don’t Plan, Speculate

One thing people are learning is that you can’t plan uncertainty away. Plans are good for things we know, or things that we may have some control over. However uncertainty—and its close cousin’s ambiguity and velocity—defy planning. When I originally introduced my Adaptive Life Cycle in Adaptive Software Development, the three high-level phases were Speculate, […]

ThoughtWorks Speaking Event in Dallas

I will be speaking at at ThoughtWorks event in Dallas on July 26th on Accelerating Enterprise Agility & Adaptive Leadership.