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Interesting Posts

There were quite a few interesting posts this past week–whose topics ranged from what motivates us to how we may have erred in fundamental assumptions about executive compensation. “Chaos Control Collaboration,” by Mary Abraham. Losing control, gaining collaboration, and social media. Holly Green, “Shifting from Strategic Planning to Strategic Agility,” in Forbes. “The huge flaw […]

Balancing Adaptability and Predictability

One of the most vexing issues for executives and managers is balancing the need for both predictability and adaptability in software delivery. While this might seem like an either/or issue, the solutions are really both/and ones. In presentations I often ask the question, “How many of you have been on Agile teams and were asked […]

Enterprise Agility Presentation in Sao Paulo

Presentation in Sao Paulo during my Brazil trip.  Stop Doing Agile and Start Being Agile. Tuesday June 28. Directed to executives and managers.

Interesting Links from the Past Week

From time to time I tweet about interesting blog entries from a variety of sources. So I thought I’d experiment with a weekly (well, not every one) listing of those plus a few others. An example of a Lean/Kanban transformation from a non-software environment–How To Make a Snowboard: Lean Manufacturing at Burton Snowboards. The Rise […]

Agile ALM: The Future of Delivery Automation

In the old days, you know those days when waterfall reigned and a certain 3-letter acronym product was widely used, Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) systems were large, monolithic, document-centric, and universally hated by rank-and-file engineering staffs. Then came the Agile movement with the manifesto and it’s first principle which stated, “Individuals and Interactions over Process […]