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Cycles, Cycles, Cycles

One of the problems in integrating Agile delivery or continuous delivery into enterprises is the differences in cycles. Companies have tended to run on annual budgeting cycles, longer strategic planning cycles, with some, although not always close coordination between the two. Product management tends to run on product cycles—that depending on the product type can […]

When Quality is Personal

Recently my friend and colleague Israel Gat wrote a blog Quality is Personal, about how people have different contexts from which to view quality. Israel says I gave him the idea during a presentation. My thoughts on personal quality come from Jerry Weinberg’s 4-volume series on quality management written in the 1990s where he states, […]

Agile Executive Forum

The first ever Agile Executive Forum (August 8 in Salt Lake City)—Now is the Time to Move to Enterprise Agility. The Agile  Executive Forum is offering a one day, unique opportunity for learning and networking with experienced “C” level executives. This year’s Forum, sponsored by the Agile Alliance in collaboration with the Agile Leadership Network, […]

Enterprise Agility Generates 30% Higher Profits

“An overwhelming majority of executives (88%) cite organisational agility as key to global success. Other studies support this idea as well: research conducted at MIT suggests that agile firms grow revenue 37% faster and generate 30% higher profits than non-agile. Yet most companies admit they are not flexible enough to compete successfully.” This is from […]

The Ambidextrous Organization

The Agile community has struggled to find a model for transforming large organizations to an Agile approach to software delivery and face a more daunting struggle in striving towards enterprise agility. Should we strive to convert everyone in a large organization to Agile? If not, what parts should be converted and which left to their […]