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Adaptable Management Videos

Here are three very interesting video segments done by James Franklin, a Dell VP, and Gary Hamel, visiting professor at the London business school and co-founder of management innovation eXchange. How can IT organizations adapt? How will social media change organizations? What are the biggest challenges for organizations today? These 5-minute each videos provide a […]


Flickr deploys software changes multiple times per day—and advertises this on their web site. A medical software company deploys versions of their application software over 75 times per year. has gained competitive advantage with their highly automated continuous integration, testing and deployment of new software features. All of these companies, and a rapidly growing […]

Embracing Change

To a manager’s question, “How much will project Zebra cost?” The comment, “I don’t know,” is usually an unacceptable (but often the best) response. A more specific answer such as, “Well, somewhere between $2 and $6 million dollars would be rejected in many, if not most, organizations. The project manager who says, “Project Zebra will […]

“The Easier It Is To Quantify, the Less It’s Worth”

This quote from Seth Godin (Linchpin, 2010), sparked my thinking about metrics and outcomes. It parallels what I’ve quipped in presentations, “I’d rather have a fuzzy measure of something important than a precise measure of something unimportant.” In Measuring and Managing Performance in Organizations (1996) Rob Austin discusses the difference between desired outcomes and performance […]

Webinar on Gantthead, “Beyond Scope, Schedule, and Cost: Optimizing Value”

Join me for a webinar and discussion on the Agile Triangle, “Beyond Scope, Schedule, and Cost,” on Gantthead,  March 30, 2011 – 10am PT / 1pm ET.