Archives for February 2011

The Emotions of Change

The agile movement has encouraged people to change—from changing technical aspects of programming, to changing social interactions via increased collaboration, to changing management styles to adaptive and facilitative rather than command and control. Sometimes in thinking about organizational change we forget that it is ultimately a “people” change and that organizational change is the accumulation […]

Technical Debt Presentation Write Up

A very nice write up on my presentation on “The Financial Implications of Technical Debt” in San Francisco last week.

The Law of Raspberry Jam (Reflecting on Agile Progress)

In his classic, The Secrets of Consulting, Jerry Weinberg offers us his Law of Raspberry Jam, “The wider you spread it, the thinner it gets.” I thought about this recently as I’ve read blogs and articles from Agilists who are bemoaning the state of our Agile movement. They are concerned that the movement has gone […]

The Fear of Choice

Agile, flexible, adaptive and dynamic are all words we use to encourage people and organizations to be more responsive to the turbulence in our business and economic environment. We then deride those who we view as resistant to change. But maybe what holds us back is as much “fear of choice” as it is “fear […]

Agile 2011–Ten Years After the Manifesto

Agile 2011 Conference, back to the future in Salt Lake City, August 8-12, 2011. Be there!