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Software Ascents

The first “agile” article I published in 1992, Software Ascents.

Agile Conference 2010, Orlando

(August 9-13). “Beyond Scope, Schedule, and Cost: Optimizing Value,” (with Pat Reed). “What do Agile Executives and Managers Do?”

Adaptive Imagineering

Welcome to my new, or should I say completely redesigned, web site. Over the past couple of years I’ve been thinking, writing, and speaking about issues of adaptive/agile leadership and organizational transformations. Working with companies, working with the APLN Executive council, and speaking at conferences and internally with company leadership has encouraged me to focus […]

Retiring Life Cycle Dinosaurs

Retiring Lifecycle Dinosaurs, cover article, Software Testing & Quality, July/August 2000.

Cutter Summit Conference, Boston

(Oct25-27). “Agile Leadership: What it Takes.” “Technical Debt Assessment: The Science of Software Development Governance,” (with Israel Gat).